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MicroStrategy’s 2020 Global State of Enterprise Analytics Report reveals that currently, 97% of real-time enterprise business decisions are data-deprived. For 60% of employees, it takes hours or days to get the information they need to make an informed decision, while just 3% can find information in seconds. When it comes to making real-time data-driven decisions, most employees are still simply winging it.

While three-fourths of our 2020 survey respondents say they’re currently on par with or behind their peers when it comes to analytics use, this year’s survey also identified an early set of leaders who are racing ahead:

– 56% are experiencing faster and more effective decision making

– 51% are realizing better financial performance

– 46% have been able to identify and create new product and revenue streams

– 45% are using analytics to develop new business models

– Is your organization a leader or a laggard? Find out by reading MicroStrategy’s 2020 Global State of Enterprise Analytics report.