Replenishment Order Optimization

Replenishment Order Optimization

Demand-Driven Smart Stock Management

A Multi Award-Winning Multi-Objective Smart Inventory Management Solution

Obase Replenishment solution is a multi-objective solution helping organizations transform their data into actions for the toughest supply chain challenges. It provides you with the analytics-driven demand forecasting model built on machine-learning algorithms to help you run your store on the best-in-class, demand-driven inventory management system.

Business Results

In order to be profitable , you have to align the inventory supply to customer demand. To turn the drained capital back to cash, it’s also important to keep inventory levels low while selling them as quickly as possible.

Inventory optimization is the science of having “just enough” stock on hand to satisfy customer demand. Obase Replenishment solution utilizes machine learning algorithms to process and analyze past sales data to predict the demand and recommend reorder quantities.

  • 10-50% Reduction in Out of Stock
  • 5-30% Reduction in Overstock
  • 20-60% Reduction in Waste
  • More targeted customer service levels
  • Increased accuracy in estimates

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