Data Management

Data Management


Increase the Efficiency of Your Big Data and Data Sources

As data sources are enriched, singularization and understanding of data from different sources has become critical for institutions.

Obase Data Management solutions collect valuable data from different data sources within your organization and enables you to transform data into meaningful insights for the use of different business, process and units after passing through data quality, deduplication, association and enrichment processes.

Data Integration

It is the merging of business big data from various and different sources and software formats and presenting a transformed and consolidated view to users.

<p>Information flow in businesses may sometimes not be in a single standard, which makes it difficult to store, access or convert data to the advantage of the business. Obase offers flexibility and agility that helps in handling your large amount of data with Data Integration techniques such as data replication, migration, virtualization, bidirectional synchronization.</p>

Master Data Management

It is a process that ensures the centralization and systematic management of enterprise data throughout the enterprise. Basic solutions of master data management; data cleaning, transformation and integration applications.

<p>Obase supports the process of systematically managing data, centrally controlling and serving the master data in different databases or applications for businesses that have more than one information source and have difficulty in bringing together the big data obtained from these information sources.</p>

Data Quality

The success of businesses depends on the right strategic and operational decisions made by decision makers on time.

<p>Evidence that underpins sound decisions needs to be consistent and reliable. For this reason, it is important to create enriched, useful, meaningful and consistent data using raw data and other sources. Obase contributes to the construction of the future of the organization by collecting the data of the enterprises from other sources, making it enriched and increased in quality.</p>

Big Data

Big data management stores and processes data efficiently, securely, and reliably in a repository or data warehouse, often using object storage.

<p>It is critical for businesses to use big data correctly to know their customers better, accelerate the sale of new products, manage real-time operations, and recognize risks and frauds by leveraging device values. Power your business with meaningful insights by effectively managing your big data with Obase expertise.</p>

Data Warehouse

Data warehouse, which is the basis of business intelligence, is the process of collecting and managing data from different sources and different types.

<p>It is a structure that supports your big data to be stored and transformed into meaningful information and delivered to decision makers at work speed.</p>

Data Ownership

Data ownership is a data governance process that details the legal ownership of an organization's enterprise-wide data.

<p>A particular organization or data subject has the right to provide, edit, modify, share and restrict access to data. Data ownership; It also defines the right of the data subject to assign, share or hand over all of these privileges to a third party.</p>

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