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E-Commerce Business Intelligence | Detailer BI

Ecommerce Analytics


Turn Your Data Into Growth And Empower Your E-Commerce With Insights-Driven Decisions

Understanding customers’ shopping behavior helps predict patterns that will, in turn, help e-commerce retailers make better business strategies. Obase E-Commerce BI Analytics solution is developed on streaming data with Predictive analytics capabilities that helps gain valuable insights into customer shopping behavior. The solution employs big data principles and tools, marrying with Microstrategy.

Enhanced Shopping Pattern Analysis
Increase Campaigns ROI & Conversion
Determine Optimal Product Pricing
Reduction in Cart Abandonment
Better Product Recommendations
Anomaly & Fraud Detection

Obase e-commerce BI solution helps you redirect resources from your areas of waste to your areas of opportunity through improved conversion rates, personalized customer experience, improved engagement and more.

Developed on streaming data with predictive analytics capabilities, employing big data principles and tools, Obase eCommerce BI helps Ecommerce businesses generate more leads and boost the marketing strategies utilizing the benefits gained by predictive analytics capabilities

  • Real Time Monitoring & Prediction on Big Data
  • Management Dashboards and Unified view of customer
  • E-Commerce for Omnichannel

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