Price Management

Price Management

A Rule Based Pricing Solution for Optimal Price Levels

Outlast the Competitive and Ever-Changing Agile Pricing Environment

Obase’s Price Management is a rule-based pricing solution designed to help retailers improve their price management KPIs that is vital to their performance and growth. The channel, zone, and point-based price history data are integrated from all available source systems, to calculate and simulate the optimal price levels for your business. It helps you improve revenue by scheduling markdowns across stores and SKUs, ultimately allowing the maximization of the full-price sales, leaving minimum stock on hand at the end of the season.

Optimal Price Levels
ERP Systems Integration
Improved Pricing KPIs
More Informed Decision-Making
Avoid Costly Mistakes
Explore New Opportunities

Pricing is one of the most powerful levers for improving profitability. Research shows that price management initiatives can increase a company’s margins by 2 to 7 percent in 12 months—yielding an ROI between 200 and 350 percent.**

With Obase Price Management solution, retailers won’t have to revert to gut instincts or other traditional guidelines for decision making. Be ahead of the curve and avoid missed opportunities, falling margins, and exposure to superfluous risks. Increase margin gains by appointing the right price to the right product-location combination, assessing your position against competitors and taking actions.

**(Source: Getting pricing right. The value of a multifaceted approach.)
  • Minimize the end-of-season inventory and maximize the in-season revenue employing mathematical models.
  • Define rounding rules to manage payable price and odd-even prices.
  • Compare different scenarios with what-if analysis.
  • Get a relief by ruling out the complexity of the clearance process.

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