Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Get Meaningful Insights From Your Big Data

In today’s world where data sources are enriched, advanced analytical solutions shape the future roadmap for organizations.

Obase Advanced Analytics solutions are designed to provide innovative solutions and services by using technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, RPA so that you can analyze your big data and manage your decision making processes according to these analyzes. With its Advanced Analytics solutions, Obase aims to strengthen your organization in order to get answers to challenging business questions, to make proactive predictions, to increase the value created from the data and to make sense of the data.

Cognitive Analytics

Cognitive Analytics applies human-like intelligence to specific tasks and brings together a range of intelligent technologies, including semantics, artificial intelligence algorithms, deep learning and machine learning.

<p>A cognitive app that implements such techniques can become smarter and more effective over time, learning from its interactions with data and people. With Obase Cognitive Analytics technique, it helps you to gain competitive advantage by analyzing large amounts of data of your business and providing real-time answers.</p>

Streaming Data Analytics

With new technologies, the amount and speed of instantaneous data produced by businesses is increasing.

<p>It may be impossible to store all the streaming data due to time and storage space constraints. Processing and analysis of flowing data is critical so that businesses can make accurate and fast business decisions by creating a comprehensive view of the past, present and future. Obase processes the flowing data of businesses, with real-time advanced analysis and forecasting, to get to know customers better, to develop new products and services, to operate without delay, to take risk and fraud prevention instantly.</p>

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

As a result of learning and analysis of data, they are systems that imitate human intelligence to perform business processes and can develop and improve themselves iteratively according to the data they collect.

<p>It provides operational efficiency by automating routine tasks or extremely complex processes that are operationally costly to manage with manpower. Improve your business processes by eliminating manual tasks and repetitive errors with Obase AI-powered solutions.</p>

Classification & Clustering

Classification and clustering, which are used to predict the future based on the existing data of businesses, are the most widely used among data mining techniques.

<p>Obase supports businesses to create important outputs to make business-speed decisions with data mining techniques.</p>

Data Mining

It is the process of collecting and analyzing the growing data of businesses and revealing valuable and useful information for the decision support system.

<p>Obase provides end-to-end service in the implementation of Data Warehouse solutions and the creation of data-driven decision support systems that will help businesses make strategic business decisions by analyzing their data.</p>

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is a branch of advanced analytics that combines historical data with statistical modeling, data mining techniques, and machine learning to make predictions about future outcomes.

<p>Obase creates thousands of predictive models with predictive analytics, helping you predict future behavior and outcomes and identify risks and opportunities in your business.</p>

Robotic Automation

Robotic Automation, known as RPA, is a technology that enables software robots to perform predefined job tasks by imitating humans.

<p>Software robots with robotic automation process; they can enter applications and programs, read and process data, analyze and report the result by learning and imitating the steps and interaction movements of the employees on the software systems while performing a task. Obase Robotic Process Automation allows you to control costs by playing an important role in increasing the efficiency of your business.</p>

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly detection (Anomally Detection can be defined as the detection of rare or unusual observations or events in a dataset, unlike the majority.

<p>Obase Anomaly Detection helps detect high-impact issues faster than humans and prevent revenue impacting issues in real time.</p>

Prescription Analytics

Prescriptive Analytics is technology used to help make better decisions through the analysis of raw data.

<p>In particular, it considers information about possible situations or scenarios, available resources, past performance and current performance, and suggests an action plan or strategy. Obase Prescription Analytics helps businesses make real-time or future business decisions based on insights and predictions.</p>

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