Transforming Telcos by Redefining How They Operate

Data volumes is far deeper in Telco than any other industry

Preserve and maximize the value of this data

Telco has varied, high-volume and high-velocity data streams

Manage their complexity to personalize user experiences

Telco relies heavily on data-driven strategies

Utilize them to Increase operational efficiencies

Corpwatch: Our tailored solution for telecom

Obase Telecom Solutions are designed to help Telcos preserve and maximize the value of their both structured and unstructured data. Corpwatch is a sophisticated high performance solution, built for Telecom C-Level executives, using Enterprise Analytics with Nowcasting® Model. By creating a single version of truth across the organization in all facets of its operations – from Subscriptions, Finance, Sales, Services, to CEM and Network – our advanced analytics solutions can help them make the best use of their most valuable asset—information.

Developed to rule out inefficiencies and better manage KPIs on Subscriptions, Finance, Sales, Services, CEM and Network.

Avoid undesirable behavior while making sense of your big data and workflows in real time.

Empower your business with decisions at the speed of your business. Fast and agile predictions by leaving traditional analytical understanding.

Strengthen your organization in order to get answers to challenging business questions, to make proactive predictions, to increase the value created from the data and to make sense of the data.

Don’t just take our word for it..

Brought us to the forefront in terms of operational perfection.

Recently we have made a big breakthrough with MSTR and Obase. We launched our dashboards, which we is called the CEO cockpit, and the systems where we observe our real-time operation, which is called RTM (Real-time Monitoring). These have brought us to the forefront in terms of operational perfection.


Obase deeply understands our needs and knows our data.

Obase and Turkcell IT department has been working together for a long time. Obase understands our needs and knows our data in deep. We achieve our business goals with its expertise in using MicroStrategy capabilities.

Hilal Atılay, HR Director TURKCELL

Enabled us to make objective business strategies on single version of truth

OneIT project has enabled us to increase our operational efficiency with automated data transfer and to make objective business strategies on single version of truth.

Gökhan Ekşi │ Retail and Trade Applications Manager EWE Turkey Holding

Obase has an ability to deliver complex solutions and a strong team

Obase, one of MicroStrategy's business partners with experience, ability to deliver complex solutions and a strong team, played a crucial role in our success in Turkey. Maintaining, strengthening and expanding our loyal customer profile over the years will be our first priority.

Darrly Owen │ Vice President & GM, MEA MicroStrategy

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