Business Analytics

Business Analytics

Empower Your Business With Decisions At The Speed Of Your Business

  • Inadequacy of traditional senior management reports
  • Difficulty of analyzing from distributed reports in different formats throughout the organization
  • The need of quick decisions in a strong competitive environment
  • Increasing the competence to generate insights from data
  • Increase in analytical maturity
  • Increase in data volumes and diversity

Obase Business Intelligence solutions are designed to provide decision support solutions for organizations with big data.

Obase, which has been a leader in the Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence market among the Informatics 500 companies with its partnership with MicroStrategy for more than 20 years, helps organizations to adopt a new generation data management program.

Organizations that adopt a data-based management approach should be able not only to extract data from their internal and external sources, but also to combine these data in an analytical engine and turn them into information that will activate them. This information should be able to guide real-time decision making at all levels of the organization, and feedback should be given to the institution about what results are caused by what reasons; Which actions should be taken should be able to be communicated to decision-makers by systems. Obase Business Intelligence solutions are able to produce fast and agile predictions by leaving traditional analytical understanding; It supports institutions to be able to produce data-based products and services that operate to support corporate transformation and decisions of managers.

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