MİGROS | In-Store Analytics Technologies Project

MİGROS | In-Store Analytics Technologies Project


With the expertise of Migros and Obase, customer experience was improved with customer data collected from shopping carts.

In-Store Analytics Technologies Project

Migros Ticaret A.Ş. has total of 2,337 stores in 81 provinces in Turkey, including 2,273 Migros and 64 Macrocenters, with a closed area of ​​2,577,082 m². Considering the developing retail industry standards, Migros has adopted the philosophy of continuous innovation as a principle and offers its customers different shopping experiences with its practices that improve industry standards.

With the expertise of Migros and Obase, the data collected through the beacons on the shopping carts are processed, analyzed and matched with the cash register data to determine its relation with sales; It is aimed to provide a better customer experience and increase in sales by analyzing the customers’ in-store journey, the time they spend in the aisles and their relationship with sales.

Retailers are leveraging the vast amount of data collected through interactions to increase operational efficiency. The use of IoT sensors to track the in-store consumer’s path improves the merchandise placement strategy. Following the consumer path helps retailers to manage the placement of premium products in high-traffic areas.

Connected products and devices create ample opportunities for retailers to optimize store operations such as supply chain, logistics and inventory management. Connected platforms offer retailers a direct channel to generate potential information on utility usage, consumption trends and consumer behavior.