Detailer Suite

Detailer Suite

Retail Business Intelligence and Decision Support System

Detailer is a retail-specific business intelligence and decision support system that creates enriched data and key performance indicators by consolidating a retailer's data from different data sources in a data warehouse model. It is a solution for retailers where management decisions can be made through a common library, reports and dashboards. With this solution family, it is possible to monitor store, supplier, warehouse, customer and product managements instantly with mobile devices. Sales and stock information coming from different channels such as e-commerce and physical store sales can be managed from a single management panel.

Detailer Suite Solutions:

Detailer Advanced

OBASE Detailer is an analytical reporting solution that acts as the information backbone of the retailer, providing an insight for both real-time tactics and long-term strategic decisions taken by retail managers. Detailer provides the know-how that users need in making sense of data and transforming it into information, and quickly finds answers to sudden and impromptu questions. It appeals to all layers, from the field to managers. It quickly adapts to needs such as providing data to different systems and integration. Adapts quickly to changing conditions and situations. It is flexible, saves time and paper. It can provide security by restricting users on the basis of reports and data they can see, and distribute a single report to all users. Supports system and data quality improvements with exceptional reporting. It includes end-to-end sales (store management, regional management, channel management), Supply chain Management, Promotion Analysis, Audit Reports, Inventory Management, Order Management, Budget modules.

Detailer CRM

OBASE Detailer CRM has been developed to create a superior customer management application with a multi-channel approach. Customer demographic information on customer, brand and sales channel basis, shopping habits, product ownership and frequencies, return habits, communication preferences, favorite store, It creates ready-made KPIs such as channel, city, payment type, campaign information, campaign behaviors, discount rate sensitivities and customer acquisitions. Models such as customer segmentation, cart and RFM analysis, and segment pass scores are combined in this product to provide a well-structured system for retail compatible CRM managers. It offers ready-to-use solutions that enable data conversion, storage and analysis of traces obtained through customer interactions for personalized business decisions.

Detailer E-Com

Allows you to monitor the performance of your e-commerce operation in an integrated manner by consolidating the membership, customer, basket and payment information from e-commerce and marketplaces and the collection, invoice and stock information in operational systems. In the module, site performance measurement, visitor conversions, membership performance, product sales performance, ignoring analysis, customer segmentation, basket analysis, campaign performance measurements, performance in collection and delivery processes can be measured.

Warehouse Monitoring

It is a solution that provides tracking and analysis of warehouse product acceptance, stock movements and order management processes. Warehouse collections can be followed instantly, order fulfillment rates and the reasons for unfulfilled orders can be analyzed, order collection speeds, platform-based occupancy rates, vehicles on the road, and status of rolls can be monitored.

Mobile Survey (Youdit)

It is a Mobile Survey and Audit solution where field audits, one of the important performance indicators of the retail industry, are created, processed and analyzed.

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