Retail ERP & BI

Retail ERP & BI

Corporate Retail Management System

Manage All Your Retail Business Processes from a Single System

With the Obase Retailer ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution, retailers gain the opportunity to gather, store, analyze and measure information about business processes; E-Invoice, E-Archive, E-Ledger, E-Lease, E-Bank, Market Registry System and Retail Accounting Modules and a 'Corporate Retail Management System' from A to Z, including local legislation where they can access all kinds of information. they have.

Productivity Increase
Management of All Business Processes from a Single System
Improvement in Business Processes
Reduction in Costs and Overheads
Rule-Based Automated Management
Efficient Reporting & Analysis

Business Results

Serving retailers of different scales, Obase Retailer manages all business processes in the supply/demand chain in an efficient and rule-based manner. Handheld terminals working in stores and warehouses with RF (Radio Frequency) technology offer the opportunity to work in the field and speed up processes.

  • A singularized business model
  • Employees empowered by time savings
  • Reduction in manual errors with rule-based business process management

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