Allocation & Transfer Management

Allocation & Transfer Management

Maximize On-Shelf Availability, Sales, and ROI

Reduce The Complexity Inherent In Allocation Processes

Every retailer is in search of a perfect shelf that showcases the exact product that their customer desires, at the right time, and at the right price, and in the right store.

As a module of Replenishment, Obase Allocation allows Retailers to create distribution flows such as first distribution to stores from the main warehouse, periodical automated order recommendations, and assortment optimization for fashion retailers. Not only do these enable retailers to solve the persistent out-of-stocks problem, but it also creates frictionless shopper experience for the consumers

Minimize the Obsolete Inventory
Minimize the Obsolete Inventory
Reduced Supply Chain Costs
Optimized Inventory Levels
Increased Team Productivity
Better Demand Anticipation
Recapture Lost Sales

Reducing complexity of allocation processes allows merchandisers to effectively ensure products are in the right place at the right time, with an accurate, simple method of allocating stock.

We incorporated Ensemble Learning techniques in our model, allowing the system to combine the strongest aspects of the algorithms into a single method. This increases the accuracy of the forecasts while the ensemble approach tests the results of the algorithms, weighs the impact, and calibrates the effect.

  • Project your operational efficiency strategy with forecasted demand
  • Increase in sales, improved bottom-line and a bettered customer experience
  • Well-informed business decisions with advanced planning and predictions

Aras Kargo

"Reporting infrastructures allows users quickly create their own reports and dashboards."

"This makes our highly dynamic operation more traceable. Obase is our solution-oriented and fast service approached supplier. In addition to this, it is very valuable for us that Obase’s priority is always the customer satisfaction."

Aras Kargo

Mehmet Zeki Güngör

BI Manager

Turkish Airlines

"Obase solutions allow us visualization of transaction services and mobile applications in one place."

"Turkish Airlines Empowers BI with MicroStrategy Enterprise platform and Obase expertise. Obase solutions allow us visualization of transaction services and mobile applications in one place. With MicroStrategy capabilities, it provides us unified development environment for desktop and mobile."

Turkish Airlines

İbrahim Oral Emül

Big Data and BI ManagerTurkish Airlines


"Brought us to the forefront in terms of operational perfection."

"Recently we have made a big breakthrough with MSTR and Obase. We launched our dashboards, which we is called the CEO cockpit, and the systems where we observe our real-time operation, which is called RTM (Real-time Monitoring). These have brought us to the forefront in terms of operational perfection."


İnanç Çakıroğlu



"Obase deeply understands our needs and knows our data."

"Obase and Turkcell IT department has been working together for a long time. Obase understands our needs and knows our data in deep. We achieve our business goals with its expertise in using MicroStrategy capabilities."


Hilal Atılay

HR Director

EWE Turkey Holding

"Enabled us to make objective business strategies on single version of truth"

"OneIT project has enabled us to increase our operational efficiency with automated data transfer and to make objective business strategies on single version of truth."

EWE Türkiye Holding

Gökhan Ekşi

Retail and Trade Applications Manager

Ayaydin-Miroglio Group

"Reporting efforts decreased, and analysis and decision processes accelerated"

"As Ayaydın-Miroglio Group, we are using different separate systems at the same time. We felt the need to consolidate the data produced by these systems and to change the reporting infrastructure. Through our work with Obase, which we rely on retail and project experience, we gathered the data sources. Our reports were analyzed, and as a result, a successful consolidation was performed. In this way, while reporting efforts decreased, analysis and decision processes accelerated."

Ayaydın Group

Hakan Duran

IT & E-Commerce Director


"Obase has an ability to deliver complex solutions and a strong team"

"Obase, one of MicroStrategy's business partners with experience, ability to deliver complex solutions and a strong team, played a crucial role in our success in Turkey. Maintaining, strengthening and expanding our loyal customer profile over the years will be our first priority."


Darrly Owen

Vice President & GM, MEA

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