Workforce Management

Workforce Management

Designed to Drive Workforce Efficiency

Drive more Accurate Recommendations and Predictions

Obase Workforce Management solution is a powerful workforce analytics solution that provides forecasting, optimizing, scheduling, intraday / employee / calendar management and reporting for retailer workforce processes.

Intraday Management
Role-Based Access Control
Planning for Multiple Workplaces
Mobile and Web Supported User Interfaces
Customizable and Smart Reports
Cloud-Based Big Data Solution

With accurate and optimal workforce planning, Retailers can increase the per-square-feet productivity as well as customer satisfaction, while reducing your workforce inefficiency and limit attrition.

The cloud solution covers the entire retail workforce management process which helps managers align departmental staffing needs with organizational objectives, makes reporting workforce ROI painless, and generally helps them do more business and create happier customers while lowering costs, and reducing effort and risk of error.

  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Reduction in costs and better ROI
  • More focused employees to customer satisfaction
  • Simplified communication of workforce insights
  • Performance efficiency without increasing headcount
  • Better alignment between operations, HR and finance

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