Markdown Optimization

Markdown Optimization

Improve the Bottom Line With Data-Driven Markdown Solution

Maximize Revenue with Precision Pricing

Obase Markdown Optimization solution helps retailers maximize profitability by analysing demand-influencing variables like consumer behavior, pricing, market trends, purchase history etc.

It not only helps retailers provide optimal discounts to their customers by analyzing how they respond to an offer, but also helps them know exactly when to start giving discounts, when to reduce the price and when to communicate the change.

Optimal Discount Level
Improved Market Timing
Omni-Channel Management
Increase in Revenues
Better Inventory Control
Data-Backed Decisions

Retailers are often faced with challenges in optimizing their pricing for different seasons. From opening price and offers for peak seasons to discounts in the off-peak seasons for stock clearance – all retailers face difficulties in determining what the best markdown is.

Obase solution helps retailer gain insights into what the price reduction should be, when’s the right time to markdown, and whether there’ll be enough profits.

  • Minimize the end-of-season inventory
  • Maximize the in-season revenue employing mathematical models
  • Improve your market timing
  • Reach optimal price points and discounts

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