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MADAM 10 | Success Story

—— Madam 10 ——

Madam10 is a prominent brand in cosmetics retail as a local brand. The brand that makes a difference in the sector with its experience and knowledge spanning over 40 years; is building the institutionalization process with the vision of growth in Turkey and abroad with sustainable dissemination studies.

—-ERP Project—-

A transformation project was initiated with the inability of the existing system to meet the needs of the institutionalized brand, the need to keep all data in a consolidated manner in the source systems, to have an infrastructure that is inconvenient to develop, and the need for a reporting infrastructure fed from a single data.

Cemal Candan | CEO
Cemal Candan | CEO
Our need was to have an ERP system focused on retail sector ERP, used by international and national cosmetics companies and capable of meeting all our needs as a whole. Our investigations showed that Obase Retailer ERP can provide us with these capabilities.
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