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Operating in the Out-of-Home Consumption market, g2mEksper has a sales and distribution organization that provides services at international standards with its wide product range.




Demand Optimization, Order Management Digitalization Project

In project scope; It is aimed to develop a solution that will minimize waste, manage stocks at the optimum level, minimize user errors and increase operational efficiency, while maintaining highest customer service levels. Thus, a system has been developed that will ensure that the warehouses inventory get ready for season passes, special events and special days such as New Year’s Eve and Ramadan.

Bora Tanyel │Supply Chain & Operation Director
Bora Tanyel │Supply Chain & Operation Director
With the project, which started in 2019, went live in 2020, we took our S&OP, demand planning and warehouse inventory processes to the next level and gained achievements beyond the project KPIs.
The two most important added values of the project for us are preparing us for the pandemic conditions and providing many optimization opportunities, as if we have foreseen what will happen; and secondly, competitive advantage and leverage effect in incorporating new logistics customers into our portfolio more quickly.
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