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BORUSAN | Success Story

—— Borusan Otomotiv——

Borusan Otomotiv was established in 1984 as a BMW distributor with 47 employees. That year 16 automobiles and 2 motorcycles were sold. Over the time it has transformed into a company which incorporates valuable brands such as BMW, MINI, Land Rover and Jaguar. Known for its facilities technology, quality standards, competent employees, customer orientation, and social responsibility projects; Borusan Otomotiv has transformed into a company with a leading position in the industry, which has brought many innovations.

—-Data Quality Project—-

The processes of analyzing data, revealing data quality problems, determining the areas to be standardized, determining the standardization rules and the last step – deduplication of customers, were carried out.

Customer data was taken from different applications and systems and combined into a single and enriched common data pool. By automation of data, sustainability was provided.

Borusan Otomotiv has been developing a CRM application in its own field for about 10 years. Borusan Otomotiv decided to implement a new CRM application. In moving to the new CRM infrastructure, it aimed to solve the quality problems that occurred in the database for 10 years, to improve the quality of customer dedication and data. Borusan Otomotiv preferred the IBM Information Server product family and the business alliance with OBASE to solve all these problems.
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