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The Secret to Mastering in Omnichannel Strategy:

Modernizing Omni Store Experience

The widespread availability of e-commerce and the increased adoption rates post-COVID have influenced store guests’ behaviors and expectations. As consumer behaviors change, so must retailers. A genuine omnichannel approach must deliver a consistent customer experience everywhere you sell to meet your customers where they are and build relationships that transcend channels.

What Steps Should Grocery Retailers Take To Stay Competitive?

According to Supermarket News’ second annual Retailer Expectations Survey 56% of Grocery Retailers plan to step up their in-store activities, such as expanding fresh offerings, improving supply chain efficiencies.


Expanding Fresh Offerings


improving Supply Chain Efficiencies


Increasing In-Store Promotions


Expand Online Grocery/Delivery

Transformation in processes from demand forecasting and inventory management to store operations will be essential for grocery retailers.


Grocers need to invest in AI-enabled solutions to succeed in fresh and supply chain management complexities.


AI will help forecast the consumer demand for fresher food while preventing grocers from waste and will provide data to optimize the inventory continuously so that supply chain operations will improve.

Improve Omni-stores Success and Provide a Flawless Execution
with AI-Enabled Obase Suite Solutions!


Boost customer value with insights-driven engagements by using AI, multichannel marketing, and CDP.

Efficiency with accurate omni inventory management and fast fulfillment.

Make more precise and real-time retail decisions with accurate data.

Impactful Outcomes


More Conversions

20% - 60%

Reduce Fresh Shrink

10% to 50%

Reduce Stock-out

Up To 30%

Reduce Picking Time

What sets us apart?

With 27 years of experience in Retail we make it practical for retailers to operationalize retail AI applications to make store-based omnichannel inventory and fulfillment faster and more efficient. 


Years in Retail


Grocery Stores Supported


Fashion and Specialty Stores



Award Wining Solutions

Microsoft Inspire Worldwide Retail Partner of the Year, 2019

Microsoft Azure AI Solutions Partner Of The Year, 2019

Euro CIS, Enterprise Solution For Replenishment, 2017

ICT 500, Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence Vendor, 2020

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