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Boost Store Based Online Fulfillment Speed And Profitability 

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Impactful Outcomes

20% - 60%

Reduced Fresh Shrink

10% to 50%

Reduced Stock-outs

5% to 30%

Reduced Overstock

Up To 30%

Reduced Picking Time

 Efficiency with accurate omni-inventory management and fast fulfillment

Obase Suite Inventory solutions are designed to help retailers uninterrupted omni-store inventory planning and order fulfillment management. With Smart Inventory Optimization solution and E-Commerce Back Office application you will generate more satisfied customers by having “just enough” stock on hand and fulfilling customer orders faster.






Smart Inventory Management

with Replenishment

In order to be profitable , you have to align the inventory supply to customer demand. To turn the drained capital back to cash, it’s also important to keep inventory levels low while selling them as quickly as possible.

Inventory optimization is the science of having “just enough” stock on hand to satisfy customer demand. Obase Replenishment solution utilizes machine learning algorithms to process and analyze past sales data to predict the demand and recommend reorder quantities.

E-Commerce Store Back Office

with Quickpick

Improve operational efficieny while generating more satisfied customers by fulfilling customer orders faster. The faster the order is picked and shipped, the lower the costs per order will be!

Quickpick provides faster and more controlled order picking. It covers all the processes; e-commerce order picking, delivery and payment; provides KPIs of the pickers and delivery staff.

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Create an unforgettable customer experience and empower store teams.

Make more precise and real-time retail decisions with accurate data.

Microsoft Azure Retail Partner Of The Year, 2019

Microsoft Azure AI Solutions Partner Of The Year, 2019

Euro CIS, Enterprise Solution For Replenishment, 2017

ICT 500, Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence Vendor, 2020

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