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BIZIM TOPTAN | Success Story

—— BİZİM Toptan  ——


70 Cities 173 Stores

Approx. 2,2 Million active customers

Daily avg. 30k customers

Stores with avg. 1000 m2 net sales areas

Store-based avg. 3.500 stock items

Across Turkey 8.000 product variants

—-Super Project—-


By increasing occupancy rates and reducing the CO2 emission
by 1 ton, an environmentally friendly solution has been developed with less carbon footprint. In this way, a benefit equivalent to 10 thousand trees
was produced annually.

The aim of the project was switching to an Order Management application that will reduce stock costs, minimize sales and increase operational efficiency by accurately predicting future customer demands in 3 different customer channels (EDT, Retail, Traditional).

Estimation and management of planned activities and promotions, seasonal
transitions, special days such as back to school and Ramadan are provided.

Award-Winning Solution
Award-Winning Solution
*Yıldız Holding Stars of the Year
Cost Advantage Category 2022
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