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The world’s leading modern, open, enterprise analytics platform

OBASE is the Turkey region solution partner of the world’s best enterprise analytics platform MicroStategy  for more than 20 years.

MicroStrategy Incorporated is a company that provides business intelligence (BI), mobile software, and cloud-based services. In 1989, MicroStrategy was founded on the principle that the future belongs to organizations that effectively harness the power of their data. This vision has driven MicroStrategy from day one to deliver world-class software and services that redefine what’s possible and help transform customers on their journey to becoming the Intelligent EnterpriseTM.

Efficient Business Intelligence Investments with Obase Expertise and MicroStrategy Partnership


With our team of MicroStrategy certified engineers, we help you get the most from your Business Intelligence investments.

  • Advanced Analytics
  • Big Data
  • Data Connectivity
  • Data Discovery
  • Custom Dashboards


We offer end-to-end solutions that help you make strategic and instant business decisions.

  • BI Strategy and Planning
  • BI Application Development
  • Mobile BI Development
  • Dashboard and Visualization

What’s New At MicroStrategy..

Add Information window to your dossiers

You can add information windows to your dossier to enhance the visual interactivity for the user. Information windows allow you to include additional context that is critical to the data point without overcrowding the canvas.

Add and compare Multi metrics with Multi-Metric KPI widget

Use a Multi-Metric KPI to provide a quick performance indicator for two or more metrics. Use a Comparison KPI to indicate the progress towards an objective, like sales and goal.

The new #MicroStrategyApp, available with Version 2020 Update two

Expert.Now | Video Chat On Demand with MicroStrategy Experts

MicroStrategy HyperWeb Support for Microsoft Edge Beta Browser

MicroStrategy 2020 New Features Webinar

Free-Form Layout at MicroStrategy Dossier

Customer Reviews

Our project has completed and provided a strong competitive advantage.

With our project began in 2019, we moved our S&OP, demand planning and warehouse units to the next level with the live broadcast of our project at the beginning of 2020, and we gained an achiviement beyond the project KPIs. The two most important added values of the project are; Firstly, it helped us to get prepared for the pandemic and provided many optimization opportunities as if we had foreseen it. Secondly, has given us a competitive advantage, a leverage effect in faster inclusion of new logistics customers in our portfolio. Thank you very much to whole project team and OBASE.

Bora Tanyel │Supply Chain&Operations Director g2mExper

We switched from web reporting applications to mobile, from there to Hypercard and Zeroclick. Today, with 4000+ users in total, we can access instant data quickly and easily.

As Migros, there were 32 web users when we started this journey with Obase in 1998 by using MicroStrategy as a web reporting application, and in 2010, we transferred its mobile feature as MY OFFICE -current name is MiO to all our stores and with our Memobil application to mobile reporting structure used for all our customers. Currently, we have a total of 4000+ BI users with our mobile and web platform and 1000+ mails sent daily via Microstrategy. With the support of the Obase team, we manage our business intelligence processes with 9 million mobile reports annually. At the point we have reached today, we started to use Zeroclick and Hypercard applications, one of the new technologies of MicroStrategy. These innovative technologies that provide great convenience for users to access data; Even using search features without connecting to the application; It enables them to see the information coming from consolidated, different source data easily, clearly and quickly.

Işıl Öztürk │ Data Warehouse and BI Manager Migros Türk T.A.Ş.

Fast and smart solution that can make future projections from past data with powerful algorithms.

We reached Obase's Replenishment solution from Microsoft App Source platform. We chose it because we saw it was a mature, advanced solution. Replenishment is important to us in order to maintain stock accuracy, reduce loss of sales and sell-outs, and increase our turnover share. With Obase’s expert services and experienced project team; we used a mature product that produces results, as well as the rapid feedback and guiding approaches which has a great importance for us.

Ahmet Kocadoğan │Software and Database Specialist NurPar Otomotiv

Brands Trusting Obase & MicroStrategy Partnership for 20+ Years