Transform your Organization into an Intelligent Enterprise

Organizations often struggle to effectively consolidate data from disparate operational systems.

Build a single version of truth across the entire organization and stay ahead of the competition.

Struggling to effectively consolidate data results in inefficiencies in planning, budgeting, and reporting.

Adopt new technologies in data analytics to achieve operational efficiency and data accuracy.

External stakeholders including investors, customers, and governments have high expectations for financial disclosures.

Avoid issues of inadequate risk management and non-compliance through streamlined information management.

Many organizations often struggle to effectively consolidate data from disparate operational systems, and Financial & Goverment Institutions are no different. To achieve operational efficiency and data accuracy, many successful organizations are transforming into Intelligent Enterprise by adopting new technologies in data analytics. Obase Finance & Insurance & Goverment solutions help you co-create a data-driven customer and member experience, build data models and innovative professional services that are highly optimized for your business needs.

Our Solutions

Empower your business with decisions at the speed of your business. Fast and agile predictions by leaving traditional analytical understanding.

Strengthen your organization in order to get answers to challenging business questions, to make proactive predictions, to increase the value created from the data and to make sense of the data.

Increase the efficiency of your big data and data sources. Turn your data into meaningful information for fast business decisions and the use of different business, process and units.

Don’t just take our word for it..

Obase has an ability to deliver complex solutions and a strong team

Obase, one of MicroStrategy's business partners with experience, ability to deliver complex solutions and a strong team, played a crucial role in our success in Turkey. Maintaining, strengthening and expanding our loyal customer profile over the years will be our first priority.

Darrly Owen │ Vice President & GM, MEA MicroStrategy

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