Provide a Personalized Omnichannel Customer Experience and Fast Online Fulfillment

  • Merging online and offline retail channels to deliver customer-centricity
  • Leverage unified real-time data to engage and understand customers
  • Dynamic requirements of e-commerce due to pandemic
  • Increase online availability and provide a personalized shopping experience
  • Online availability issues to cause customer loss
  • Optimize stores/MFCs inventory to improve instock
  • Online giants provide delivery options
  • Optimize order picking and delivery to lower fulfillment costs

Retail online sales growth percentage of sales doubled in 2020 due to Covid pushing retailers and grocers to fast track seamless interaction of online pick-up and delivery. Obase Ecommerce Solution Suite helps elevate your online business from a simple online order-taking system to an intelligent, capable of delivering seamless online customer experience across all your sales channels. Provide a personalized omnichannel customer experience, increase conversion by preventing lost sales and speed up order management and delivery processes.

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