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Insights-Driven Customer Engagements

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Post-COVID and inflation have influenced store guests’ behaviors and expectations. As consumer behaviors change, so must retailers.

Retailers need loyal customers to grow their business more than ever now!

How can you grow your business in a more profitable way and in the meantime create more engaged customer experiences that will keep your valued customers loyal?

Our end-to-end CRM Suite equips Retailers with a powerful Customer Data Platform (CDP), an Omnichannel Campaign & Loyalty management platform, and Deep Analytics & Reporting capabilities.

What sets us apart?


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Why Obase CRM Suite?

360° Customer View

Omnichannel Orchestration

Deep Analytics & Reporting

AI and ML Algorithms

Predictive Segmentation

Personalized Communication

Real-Time Value Management

Ready-to-Use KPIs

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Discover Obase CRM Suite Solutions!

Omnichannel Campaign & Loyalty Management

with Promni

Increase Customer Loyalty by reshaping the customer experience journey with Obase Promni. 

Customer Data Platform & Customer Data Hub

with Obase CDP

Create a 360 view of the customer to target the most valued customers with more personalized offers. 

Deep Analytics & Reporting

with Detailer CRM

     Better business decisions with actionable customer insights and AI-driven analytics.


Efficiency with accurate omni inventory management and fast fulfillment.

Make more precise and real-time retail decisions with accurate data.

Our Awards

Microsoft Azure Retail Partner Of The Year, 2019

Microsoft Azure AI Solutions Partner Of The Year, 2019

Euro CIS, Enterprise Solution For Replenishment, 2017

ICT 500, Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence Vendor, 2020

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