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Sanofi is a global biotech pharmaceutical company dedicated to empowering people’s lives. With more than 100 thousand employees in 100 countries around the world, it works passionately every day to transform scientific innovations into therapeutic solutions and improve access to health. Sanofi continues its activities in Turkey for more than 60 years with its 1700 employees, wide product portfolio and its factory in Lüleburgaz, one of the largest pharmaceutical production facilities in Turkey, for the healthy future of our country.

B2B Pharmacy Warehouse Portal

Prizma – B2B Pharmaceutical Warehouse Portal is a pioneering solution in the Turkish pharmaceutical industry, and it enables pharmaceutical warehouses to monitor their order status, as well as to plan and follow up basic performance indicators such as stock/day, stock entry and exit calculations.

The stock plans provided by Prizma for Pharmaceutical warehouses, facilitate the availability of the ordered drugs all over Turkey and improve the lives of patients. Obase has been a reliable technology business partner in the entire software development cycle, from the technical architecture of the Prizma portal to the user screen design, by working with the Sanofi Turkey Information Technologies and Systems team on this project.

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3rd Place in Turkey, 2018

IDC (International Data Cooperation) IoT, Big Data, Analytics & AI Conference, Customer Excellence Category