Increase Your Profitability By Transforming Real-Time Insights into Business Decisions.

New era of commoditized planning based on cost + availability

You need to make a direct impact on the bottomline

Dealing with fluctuation due to factors affecting demand

Predict customer demand by analyzing your data accurately

Relying heavily on past-trend data for future planning

Tie past trends to real-time insights for trustworthy BI

Transportation & Logistics have always collected enormous amounts of data relating to their operations, routes and customers. Given the fast-changing nature of the industry, tying past trends to real-time insights provides trustworthy business intelligence that enables a company to plan efficiently and respond accurately and easily to emerging circumstances. Obase Transportation & Logistics Solutions are designed to help to do just that.

Transportation & Logistics Solutions

Get reliable results with a Business Intelligence structure that can relate past trends with real-time insights.

Empower your business with decisions at the speed of your business. Fast and agile predictions by leaving traditional analytical understanding.

Strengthen your organization in order to get answers to challenging business questions, to make proactive predictions, to increase the value created from the data and to make sense of the data.

Don’t just take our word for it..

Self-service BI structure allows users to quickly generate reports while maintaining the transparency of data

We have been using the MicroStrategy solution in our operations for more than 10 years in Obase consultancy. It was important for us to reduce the reporting requests from users. We reduced the incoming report requests by further increasing the use of self-service BI structure and training users.

Mehmet Zeki Güngör │BI Manager Aras Kargo

Obase solutions allow us visualization of transaction services and mobile applications in one place.

Turkish Airlines Empowers BI with MicroStrategy Enterprise platform and Obase expertise. Obase solutions allow us visualization of transaction services and mobile applications in one place. With MicroStrategy capabilities, it provides us unified development environment for desktop and mobile.

İbrahim Oral Emül, Big Data and BI Manager Turkish Airlines

The business alliance with OBASE helped solve all these problems

Borusan Otomotiv has been developing a CRM application in its own field for about 10 years. Borusan Otomotiv decided to implement a new CRM application. In moving to the new CRM infrastructure, it aimed to solve the quality problems that occurred in the database for 10 years, to improve the quality of customer dedication and data. Borusan Otomotiv preferred the IBM Information Server product family and the business alliance with OBASE to solve all these problems.

Data Management Project Borusan Otomotiv

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