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Drive 100fulfillment accuracy and sell 99inventory across all channels

The way forward for retailers in post covid is all about speed in following customer behavior & preferences.
The fundamental need for retail operations is to be more agile and faster in adjusting to customer demand and supply chain changes. Leading with customer demand and working backward is about optimizing in-stock,
online fulfillment and operational costs.

Obase SIM – Store Inventory Management platform helps you to provide a unified, integrated experience for customers across all the different online and offline channels. Retail AI and analytics capable SIM solutions accelerate a continuous optimization of stores experience and online fulfillment.

More accurate demand forecasts across all channels with retail specific machine learning for food & nonfood

Increase sales and customer satisfaction with improved on-shelf availability

Boost In-stock, reduce OOS by up to 50%, reduce waste by 60% with automated replenishment granularity at SKU/location/channel level

Reduce online fulfillment costs with optimized multi-order picking and last mile delivery

Unified customer & operational insight in near real-time

Make data-driven decisions with single version of truth

Obase Helps to Grow Your Business

Obase Retail AI Solutions are here to help you to solve online grocery delivery challenges by boosting in-store operational efficiencies and local fresh excellence to drive fast and cost-efficient online delivery.

Obase unifies customers’ behavior, inventory, supply chain, stores operations with retail-specific machine learning and analytics to provide you powerful insights to enable you to iterate faster, better, cheaper.

Years of Retail Experience
Countries Operates in
Medium to Large Size Projects Delivered
Highly Skilled Professionals
Retail Stores Use Our Solutions

Which of Our Solutions Would Best Fit For You?

OBASE DEMAND FORECASTING Boost accuracy by up to 30%

Maximize the value of your data with our cutting-edge demand forecasting model empowered by machine learning algorithms and provides pervasive value across all your retail processes.

OBASE REPLENISHMENT Reduce waste and out-of-stock by up to 50%

Optimize stores/MFCs inventory to improve instock stats while reducing OOS and waste to improve online delivery speed and and reduce operational costs.

OBASE DETAILER Omni-Channel Retail Profitability Via Near Real-Time Decisions

Quick answers to make real-time and long-term strategic decisions to improve omni-channel customer experience.

OBASE QUICKPICK Optimize order picking and delivery to lower fulfillment costs

Improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction with faster, cost-effective and accurate ecommerce mobile order picking.

OBASE SHELFFORCE Improve OnShelf Availability and Prevent Loss Sales

IoT and Image processing capabilities to perform continuous shelf control, shelf placement and right assortment planning.

OBASE WORKFORCE Increase the per-square-feet productivity and drive workforce efficiency

Empower employees with workforce optimization based on forecasted omni-channel volumes

What We Offer

Use Data Science To Better Align Your Brand Core Value With Your Customers Behavior

Unified customer data for complete customer 360

Unified inventory pool accross stores, distribution centers, etc.

Near real time visibility with sales, customers, and operational analysis.

Accelerate the continuous optimization of stores experience and online fulfillment

ML Demand Forecasting Across All Channels

Automate Replenishment to reduce waste and OOS

Optimize Order Picking & Last Mile Delivery

National Retailer Class AI & Analytics Sophistication At Local Speed and Cost Effectiveness

Productised Retail AI applications

5X reduction in deployment costs

Sample cloud subscription of $1,500 per month per store

Our solutions are tailored specifically to changing retail needs and customer demands.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Our project has completed and provided a strong competitive advantage.

With our project began in 2019, we moved our S&OP, demand planning and warehouse units to the next level with the live broadcast of our project at the beginning of 2020, and we gained an achiviement beyond the project KPIs. The two most important added values of the project are; Firstly, it helped us to get prepared for the pandemic and provided many optimization opportunities as if we had foreseen it. Secondly, has given us a competitive advantage, a leverage effect in faster inclusion of new logistics customers in our portfolio. Thank you very much to whole project team and OBASE.

Bora Tanyel │Supply Chain&Operations Director g2mExper

Fast and smart solution that can make future projections from past data with powerful algorithms.

We reached Obase's Replenishment solution from Microsoft App Source platform. We chose it because we saw it was a mature, advanced solution. Replenishment is important to us in order to maintain stock accuracy, reduce loss of sales and sell-outs, and increase our turnover share. With Obase’s expert services and experienced project team; we used a mature product that produces results, as well as the rapid feedback and guiding approaches which has a great importance for us.

Ahmet Kocadoğan │Software and Database Specialist NurPar Otomotiv

What we needed was a solution focused on retail industry ERP.

Our aim was to have an ERP system used by international and national cosmetics companies and that could meet all our needs as a whole. Our investigations showed that Obase Retailer ERP can provide us with these capabilities.

Cemal Candan │CEO Madam 10

Obase being existing technology partner, now L'Oreal can manage their budget faster than previously.

L’Oreal used to rely upon excel for budget planning processes. They were not happy with their existing way of managing planning. Obase being their existing technology partner, now they can manage their budget faster than previously. The project saved time and increased operational efficiency.

Retail Budget Planning Project L'Oreal

Reporting efforts decreased, and analysis and decision processes accelerated

As Ayaydın-Miroglio Group, we are using different separate systems at the same time. We felt the need to consolidate the data produced by these systems and to change the reporting infrastructure. Through our work with Obase, which we rely on retail and project experience, we gathered the data sources. Our reports were analyzed, and as a result, a successful consolidation was performed. In this way, while reporting efforts decreased, analysis and decision processes accelerated.

Hakan Duran │ IT & E-Commerce Director Ayaydin-Miroglio Group

We can now process instant cache data much faster and get operational decisions faster

With 20 years of MicroStrategy business intelligence and analytics, the Boyner group keeps its main place in the companies. Nowadays, it is not possible to operate and compete efficiently without having to do our work based on money. With MicroStrategy's ability to work with non-structural fluid data, we can now process instant cache data much faster and get operational decisions faster.

Sedat Yıldırım │ Omnichannel Retail & Tech Director Boyner Group

We are accomplishing critical projects and improving operational efficiency

Thanks to the business optimization and mobile projects we have deployed with OBASE, we are successfully developing and accomplish critical projects, improving our operational efficiency. We do not regard OBASE only as a software and consultancy company, but a exceptional business partner who follows the trends in retail and guide us.

Ergin Ersin │ IT and Logistics Director Eroğlu Group (Colin's, Mexx, Loft)

We increased our stock availability and revenue, and reduced write-offs

By deploying Obase Replenishment in our supply chain, we increased our stock availability and revenue, reduced write-offs, increased freshness of the relevant categories. Şok & Obase teams accomplished agile and high impact projects since 2012. On this foundation we built a competent stock optimizing solution in only 45 days. A remarkable project; both in terms of time to market and the impact on the bottomline.

Oktay Okatan │ Supply Chain/Logistics Consultant Şok Marketler A.Ş.

We disrupted the concept of the store manager's office

We disrupted the concept of the store manager's office and recreated an office on Ipad and the sales floor. We selected the MicroStrategy Mobile Platform for this project and counted on our long time partner OBASE for the whole process. We have been working with OBASE for 20+ years, to deliver projects with operational excellence and innovation outcome of great team work.

Kerim Tatlıcı │ Director of IT and R & D Migros Türk T.A.Ş.

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