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Omnichannel Campaign and Benefit Management
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Ability to Create Customized Campaigns

With Promni, you can set up personalized campaigns, CRM campaigns, and segment campaigns. You can benefit from instant campaigns, either on the basis of your customer's instantaneous behavior or by taking into account their past behavior, or by using both features.

Ready-to-use and Fast Campaign Designing

Promni’nin kullanışlı ve pratik kullanıma imkan veren ve adım adım kampanyalarınızı hızlıca tanımlamanıza yardımcı olan yönlendirici paneli sayesinde 7.500’ün üzerindeki çeşitlilikte kampanyaları 5 dakika içinde tanımlayın.

IT Dependent Campaigns For Business Units Without AnyTechnical Knowledge

Thanks to Promni's robust and flexible infrastructure and a user-friendly interface designed according to all possible needs and campaign setups of business units, you can develop campaigns without being dependent on IT.

Budget and Benefit Management

Use your campaign budget effectively while setting up your campaign; by controlling per customer-based benefits, and real-time channel-based benefits that will be provided. With Promni, it is possible to prevent giving multiple campaign benefits to your customers, which is one of the most basic problems in Campaign Management, or to be able to centrally and instantly manage which campaign you will benefit from.

Easy Campaign Designs With Ready-to-use Campaigns

Thanks to Promni's user-friendly interface, you can quickly make and implement your campaign without the need of any IT unit. The selective menus, for campaign criteria and definitions, whether in CRM campaigns that valid for everyone or in campaign applications within the scope of Loyalty Program.

Increase in Campaign Efficiency

Provide significant savings in time spent on campaign design in both Marketing or CRM units and IT units. Offer the campaign benefits to the target audiences you have determined in real-time. Design the most detailed and accurate campaign setups suitable for the needs of the target audiences you have determined. Present and manage the right offers to your customers.

The Easy Design of the Most Complex Campaigns

Design your most complex campaigns across all your channels using a centralized and single frontend. Enable your customers to benefit from campaigns in any channel by centrally calculating the campaign benefit.

Centralized Real-Time Benefit Management

Promni works in real time by integrating with all channels of your brand (e-commerce, payment points, sales, service, call center, mobile application, etc.) , calculates which campaign or campaigns and how much to benefit from, and enables the customer to benefit from the discount at the cashier or at the point of transaction.

Central Campaign Design

Promni enables you to organize and design your campaigns in a centralized structure by integrating with all channels of your brand (e-commerce, cash register, sales, service, call center, mobile application, etc.). Regardless of the campaign competencies in your channels, you can design a single campaign with Promni and implement the campaign in all integrated channels, make centralized campaign measurement and enable your customers to instantly benefit from your campaigns from the channel they want.