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Effective Campaigns For Right Customer at The Right Time
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It is possible to design the most effective and result-oriented campaigns for the right target audience at the right time. You can achieve the highest conversion rates for your company while shaping the behavior of your customers and improving their experiences.

“`I prefer brands that know me, understand what I want, and offer the most accurate offers on time. Moreover, while receiving all these benefits, I can have the same experience in every channel and use my advantages comfortably”



Considering all the traces your customers leave on your brand; you can implement real-time personalized previous and next actions by managing which channel, at which time and with which offer to go.

“This brand listens to me and cares about my needs and expectations. Communicates just in time for my exact needs.”

You will be able to deliver your campaign to the right target audience and quickly include the segmented customers in the right campaign.

“It doesn’t offer benefits that apply to everyone. It provides recommendations that fit my shopping preferences.”

You can manage gainded point  and expenditures unlimitedly, and you can plan point earning/spending schemes on the basis of brand, product group, product, specific day and specific behaviors.

“How nice, I can earn and spend a wide variety of points, not just discounts. Earning and spending on the basis of product groups is just for me…”

You can set up loyalty programs within your brand or in the form of sub-clubs and manage all of these programs on a single platform.

“I love the gourmet club. It’s a program that suits my shopping preferences. There are such good benefits that I want to shop all the time.”

The existing infrastructure for different, creative and complex campaign setups gives you the convenience of taking quick action.

“They have very interesting and different campaigns that their competitors do not have. Also, they offer campaigns in line and real-time with my shopping”

Ability to manage many different benefits such as discounts, points, multiple points, lottery rights, club points, gift certificates, points conversion, miles, 3rd party discount coupons, catalog with the same infrastructure.

“There are many different benefits. I can either save points, turn them into discounts or convert my points into miles. I can also buy free products with my points.”

You can instantly make your customer benefit from the campaigns that will be valid in all channels.

“Whether I buy it from the store, from the website or from my mobile phone, I can instantly benefit from all the campaigns.”

You can make instant campaign communications according to your customer’s behavior.

“Yesterday, when I bought bread and sausage whileI was at the cashier, I got an SMS saying: If you want to buy eggs, there is 25% off! I realized that I forgot to buy eggs. It was very good.”