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Increase Customer Loyalty by ReShaping The Customer Experience Journey

Obase Promni is a marketing platform that can perform real-time customer-based campaign communication, campaign benefit management, and action/event management in multiple channels.

Using integrated and instant data, it offers an integrated campaign & benefit & action management platform that is suitable for omnichannel structures and is easily managed, independent of sales channels.


Create personalized campaigns, CRM campaigns, Segment campaigns.

Identify 7,500+ various campaigns in 3 minutes with its handy and practical panel.

Design your most complex campaigns for all your channels from a single, centralized front-end.

Implement the campaign in all integrated channels by designing a single campaign.

Real-time control of per customer benefits and benefits are given in total on each channel.

Calculate which campaign or campaigns your customer will benefit at the point of sale.

Create your campaigns quickly and easily with Promni’s ready-made campaign setups.

Save time on campaign designs in Marketing, CRM, and IT departments.

Easily design campaigns with a user-friendly interface that is designed for all possible needs and campaign setups of business units.



You can manage all your campaigns centrally with a single interface, and you can offer and realize your benefits with the same campaign setups to your customers in all channels (cash, e-commerce, mobile, kiosk, etc.).

Real-time Management

You can apply your campaigns with high performance on all channels and monitor their performance instantly.

Cloud / Local Usage

You can run your campaigns in the cloud or on your own local servers and keep the Campaign Management System in the environment you want.

User-friendly Interface

You can easily design your campaigns with the wizard that guides you step by step, and you can implement your campaigns with minimal IT support.

Communication Management

When you want to announce the campaign benefits, you can easily send SMS or E-mail to the same target audience; You can even engage real-time according to your customer's behavior.

Central Design Management

You can run all your campaigns on every channel, design a single interface in the central Campaign Management System structure and ensure that it is available in all channels.




Business Experience

It is possible to design the most effective and result-oriented campaigns for the right target audience at the right time. You can achieve the highest conversion rates for your company while shaping the behavior of your customers and improving their experience.

Customer Experience

``I prefer brands that know me, understand what I want, and offer the most accurate offers on time. Moreover, while receiving all these benefits, I can have the same experience in every channel and use my advantages comfortably.``

Business Outcomes

5x increase in conversion rates

Up to 70% increase in basket amounts

3x time efficiency in reporting and analysis

30% more increased orders

40% decrease in IT resource usage

Promni is a marketing platform that can perform real-time customer-based campaign communication, campaign benefit management, and action/event management in multiple channels.

  • Works in integration with multiple channels and different frame types. Cashier, service, call center, web, e-commerce, mobile application, kiosk, wifi hotspots etc.
  • Real-time connection to all chanells.
  • Runs in cloud or local environment.
  • Enables you to manage campaign communication, benefit management and event/action management on the basis of customer, customer group, customer segment, store, region, location, channel from a central structure.
  • Useful front-end  with a process structure that makes it easy to create campaign setups quickly.
  • Sampling feature to provide the opportunity to quickly monitor additional turnover on a campaign basis and real-time view on the campaign result reports.
  • Significant human resource savings with its ability to define campaign setups within 3 minutes and bring them live quickly, and automate repetitive campaign setups.
  • The ability to create the most complex and creative campaign setups with 7392 different types of campaigns and 154 different campaign models.

Success Stories

Our project has completed and provided a strong competitive advantage.

With our project began in 2019, we moved our S&OP, demand planning and warehouse units to the next level with the live broadcast of our project at the beginning of 2020, and we gained an achiviement beyond the project KPIs. The two most important added values of the project are; Firstly, it helped us to get prepared for the pandemic and provided many optimization opportunities as if we had foreseen it. Secondly, has given us a competitive advantage, a leverage effect in faster inclusion of new logistics customers in our portfolio. Thank you very much to whole project team and OBASE.

Bora Tanyel │Supply Chain&Operations Director g2mExper

We increased our stock availability and revenue, and reduced write-offs

By deploying Obase Replenishment in our supply chain, we increased our stock availability and revenue, reduced write-offs, increased freshness of the relevant categories. Şok & Obase teams accomplished agile and high impact projects since 2012. On this foundation we built a competent stock optimizing solution in only 45 days. A remarkable project; both in terms of time to market and the impact on the bottomline.

Oktay Okatan │ Supply Chain/Logistics Consultant Şok Marketler A.Ş.

We disrupted the concept of the store manager's office

We disrupted the concept of the store manager's office and recreated an office on Ipad and the sales floor. We selected the MicroStrategy Mobile Platform for this project and counted on our long time partner OBASE for the whole process. We have been working with OBASE for 20+ years, to deliver projects with operational excellence and innovation outcome of great team work.

Kerim Tatlıcı │ Director of IT and R & D Migros Türk T.A.Ş.