Integrated Retail Planning Application

Do more with fewer resources

Streamline your budgeting process with increased efficiency

The advancement of systems continues to magnify data quality issues in finance. Don’t be constrained by antiquated data systems and inflexible decision-making processes.

Obase Integrated Retail Planning solution is a ready-to-use data model and KPI library, designed to streamline the budget formulation process. Developed on the IBM Planning Analytics tool, it provides CFO and the budget teams with enhanced decision-making power and clarity.

Key Benefits

Budget Effectiveness & Transparency

Highly Informed, Balanced Decision Making

Empowered Business Units

Transactions on a Single View

Ready-to-use Data Model & KPI Library

Optimized Budgets and Processes

Business Outcomes

1.5x Faster Reforecasts

4x Quicker Responds to Market Changes

1.7x Accuracy in Forecasts

Reduce risks for top managers

Shorten your budget management cycles

Uncover process gaps & encourage corrective action

Identify savings and efficiencies

You will be able to use data to reveal insights that can contribute to operational efficiencies.

With Obase Integrated Retail Planning solution, your business users will be able to mitigate their risks, measure and shorten your budget management cycles, and manage the entire process without resorting to IT staff.

Don’t just take our word for it..

Obase being existing technology partner, now L'Oreal can manage their budget faster than previously.

L’Oreal used to rely upon excel for budget planning processes. They were not happy with their existing way of managing planning. Obase being their existing technology partner, now they can manage their budget faster than previously. The project saved time and increased operational efficiency.

Retail Budget Planning Project L'Oreal

Reporting efforts decreased, and analysis and decision processes accelerated

As Ayaydın-Miroglio Group, we are using different separate systems at the same time. We felt the need to consolidate the data produced by these systems and to change the reporting infrastructure. Through our work with Obase, which we rely on retail and project experience, we gathered the data sources. Our reports were analyzed, and as a result, a successful consolidation was performed. In this way, while reporting efforts decreased, analysis and decision processes accelerated.

Hakan Duran │ IT & E-Commerce Director Ayaydin-Miroglio Group

We can now process instant cache data much faster and get operational decisions faster

With 20 years of MicroStrategy business intelligence and analytics, the Boyner group keeps its main place in the companies. Nowadays, it is not possible to operate and compete efficiently without having to do our work based on money. With MicroStrategy's ability to work with non-structural fluid data, we can now process instant cache data much faster and get operational decisions faster.

Sedat Yıldırım │ Omnichannel Retail & Tech Director Boyner Group

We are accomplishing critical projects and improving operational efficiency

Thanks to the business optimization and mobile projects we have deployed with OBASE, we are successfully developing and accomplish critical projects, improving our operational efficiency. We do not regard OBASE only as a software and consultancy company, but a exceptional business partner who follows the trends in retail and guide us.

Ergin Ersin │ IT and Logistics Director Eroğlu Group (Colin's, Mexx, Loft)

We increased our stock availability and revenue, and reduced write-offs

By deploying Obase Replenishment in our supply chain, we increased our stock availability and revenue, reduced write-offs, increased freshness of the relevant categories. Şok & Obase teams accomplished agile and high impact projects since 2012. On this foundation we built a competent stock optimizing solution in only 45 days. A remarkable project; both in terms of time to market and the impact on the bottomline.

Oktay Okatan │ Supply Chain/Logistics Consultant Şok Marketler A.Ş.

We disrupted the concept of the store manager's office

We disrupted the concept of the store manager's office and recreated an office on Ipad and the sales floor. We selected the MicroStrategy Mobile Platform for this project and counted on our long time partner OBASE for the whole process. We have been working with OBASE for 20+ years, to deliver projects with operational excellence and innovation outcome of great team work.

Kerim Tatlıcı │ Director of IT and R & D Migros Türk T.A.Ş.