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As a sponsor of MicroStrategy World 2020, Obase will be showcasing some of its advanced analytics, hyperintelligence and mobility based solutions that help organizations make decisions at the speed of business. The solutions, embedded with MicroStrategy, are tailored to solve unique problems faced by Retail, E-Commerce, Telecom, Airlines, Pharmaceuticals, Finance, and Government, and yet ready and repeatable. Visit Obase at booth 114 in MicroStrategy World Exhibit Hall from Feb 4-6, 2020, at the Orlando Resort, Florida. Join or follow the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #analytics2020.

Obase has been a long-term partner with MicroStrategy with numerous successful implementations and use cases over a period of over 25 years. From departmental level implementations to enterprise-level implementations, Obase has industry-specific accelerators that help organizations tackle their toughest operational challenges. As an end-to-end data-analytics solution provider, Obase helps businesses align its people to be on the same trusted, insights-driven decision-making platform ensuring improved operational efficiency and customer experience.

Obase Replenishment is a multi award-winning, multi-objective smart inventory management solution developed with deep learning and optimization methods. As a multi-awarded solution, Obase Replenishment solves one of the most challenging and costly inventory management problems for retailers, and provides retailers with powerful analytics to maximize their shelf availability, reduce their supply chain costs, and minimize obsolete inventory. As a module of Replenishment, Allocation enables Retailers to create a variety of distribution flows, periodical automated order recommendations, and assortment optimization for fashion.

The solution has seen many significant business benefits to retailers, such as:

Next Best to Buy is a predictive analytics solution that uses sophisticated rules, analytics and algorithms to better predict customer needs, and in turn, offer more relevant actions and offers best geared to their needs and demands.

Evaluating the customer’s past behavior, recent actions, interests, and needs, it helps identify the most effective offer that help:

– Reduce marketing efforts

– Increase sales efficiency

– Increase conversion rate

– Increase customer loyalty

– Increase customer satisfaction

“Data will be the oxygen of the companies operating in the decade starting with 2020,” said Bulent Dal, Co-Founder and CEO of Obase. “Organizations faced with analytics proliferation and the increasing need for questions to be answered at faster speeds are seeking next-generation technologies that harness modern analytics and AI technologies that accelerate or automate the process of capturing insights with machine learning and cognitive technologies.”

“At Obase, we merge our long term Data Analytics experience with our industrial knowledge that results in accelerator solutions providing significant improvement in operational efficiency with minimum total cost of ownership,” added Onursal Esin of Obase.

Obase will be presenting a session at the MicroStrategy World 2020 on how BI and analytics tools can mobilize field operations and establish a data-driven culture that aligns all users on one platform. Learn how to use MicroStrategy’s advanced analytics capabilities and python-based predictive models on a big data platform to achieve operational efficiency, and what you can expect for your organization’s BI journey.

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