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1- You send all campaigns to each of your customers with the same subject and the content Companies often have pre-defined and manually managed segments. With a CDP, it is possible to define segments for each individual customer based on their behavior and reveal new segments dynamically. CDP allows reaching customers at a time when they are ready to engage. It helps you to optimize strategies for reaching customers at the right time with a message that’s likely to lead to conversion. Having customer understanding in place and automatically and consistently driving content in all channels at scale is one of the fundamental...

Berna Bulbul | Product Manager The Consumer Price Index (CPI) data for April was released showing an 8.3%  increase across the board as energy and food prices continue to drive inflationary pressures. While the April year-over-year figure is lower than March’s 8.5%, the index that tracks grocery prices rose 10.8% over the last year, the largest 12-month increase since 1980. The fact that inflation rates are very high compared to previous periods creates an atmosphere of panic in the retail sector. Concern that the products may not be available at the current price in the next shopping, pushes customers towards stocking within their...

Berna Bulbul | Product Manager First the pandemic and then the inflation made it very difficult to determine customer demand. Focusing on spending their narrowed budget in the most efficient way, the priority of consumers is to find the freshest product at the best price. This situation confronted retailers with problems such as shelf life, stock-out, overstocking cost, and risk of waste in fresh products. In order to reduce the negative reflections of these problems, retailers should answer, "How much product should I order on which order day?" question accurately. At this point, it is only possible to reach the most effective...

Berna Bulbul | Product Manager The fresh foods category at grocery stores continues to feel the impact of the pandemic on sales and customer behaviors, as well as labor and supply challenges. And it is expected to continue in 2023, too. * Retailers all over the World, are struggling with high inflation rates causing product price increases. Inflation is high, prices are increasing, so the customer demand! The recently released, FMI—the Food Industry Association’s 2022 Power of Produce report revealed that shoppers rank price of fresh products as the number one factor when making purchasing decisions, followed by appearance (19%), health benefits (19%),...

Berna Bulbul | Product Manager The past two years and the next couple of years with the pandemic have caused significant changes in customer demand. Spending more time at home due to the compulsory changes in working and education conditions affected consumption habits. We have seen people making their own bread, yoghurt at home, and coffee/tea consumption increased. Consumers will shop wherever they can find the product they want — and from whoever can get it to them the fastest and without considerable shipping costs. That’s why the importance of product availability has increased by 58 percent since before the pandemic, and...

BERNA BULBUL | PRODUCT MANAGER For successful special day management in grocery retail, it is necessary to evaluate the raw material procurement process, the stock status of the products, and the supply chain capacity. It is very hard and stressful for supply chain planners to plan special days such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and back to school when customer demand diverges. The shipping problem is one of the factors that make it difficult to plan this period. The right amount of products should be sent at the right time, without disturbing the balance conditions by determining the customer demand in advance. For the management...

As a sponsor of MicroStrategy World 2020, Obase will be showcasing some of its advanced analytics, hyperintelligence and mobility based solutions that help organizations make decisions at the speed of business. The solutions, embedded with MicroStrategy, are tailored to solve unique problems faced by Retail, E-Commerce, Telecom, Airlines, Pharmaceuticals, Finance, and Government, and yet ready and repeatable. Visit Obase at booth 114 in MicroStrategy World Exhibit Hall from Feb 4-6, 2020, at the Orlando Resort, Florida. Join or follow the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #analytics2020. Obase has been a long-term partner with MicroStrategy with numerous successful implementations and use...

MicroStrategy's 2020 Global State of Enterprise Analytics Report reveals that currently, 97% of real-time enterprise business decisions are data-deprived. For 60% of employees, it takes hours or days to get the information they need to make an informed decision, while just 3% can find information in seconds. When it comes to making real-time data-driven decisions, most employees are still simply winging it. While three-fourths of our 2020 survey respondents say they’re currently on par with or behind their peers when it comes to analytics use, this year’s survey also identified an early set of leaders who are racing ahead: bahçeşehir escort kapalı escort -...

There is no other industry is as impacted by customer demand as retail. Customers expect immediate, simple, uninterrupted shopping experiences which will be delivered to them yesterday. Here are some projections on how these expectations will shape the future of retail. • From we to me: Deep retail is resulting in hyper– personalization. Today it’s possible (and even likely) that retailers know what you need before you do. istanbul escort türbanlı escort • Consumers get price-savvy: Paying less for more and bragging about it has become a trend in itself. Consumers are educated on pricing strategies and are now prioritizing value. With more options and information...

Love it or hate it, there's no denying the unstoppable force of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It is one of the most important retail and spending events in the United States. Though the week of deals just wrapped up, there are already some key lessons emerging. Lesson 1: Strong sales during this period can affect Retailer stocks. On Thanksgiving, online shoppers encountered an out-of-stock message on product pages 3.3% of the time, while on Black Friday the figure was 2.8%. On Cyber Monday, 2.4% of product pages exhibited an out-of-stock message. In order to prevent out-of-stock, product master data consistency,...

Obase today announced it has won the 2019 Microsoft Retail Partner of the Year Award. The company was honored among a global field of top Microsoft partners for demonstrating excellence in innovation and implementation of customer solutions based on Microsoft technology. “We are very proud and greatly appreciate that Microsoft has recognized us on a global level. Winning this award will help more organizations around the world realize that Obase is the partner of choice when it comes to Retail.” said CEO and Founder, Bulent Dal. “The relationship and collaboration with Microsoft has been instrumental to our success”....

Robotic Process Automation(RPA) refers to the automation of computer-centric process using software robots. RPA aims to free humans of repetitive tasks by replacing them with a virtual workforce and enabling them to dedicate their time and effort to more complex and value adding tasks and provide oversight. RPA primarily targets processes which are highly manual, repetitive, rule-based and standard electronic readable input. Robotic automation uses robots to run application software in the exact same way that a human works with a software....

In the markets where digitalization is growing, 30% of the store customers also shop online. This fact makes the online availability, its effects and possible solutions important to consider. “Online Availability: A Worldwide Study of Extent, Shopper Reactions, and Implications for Non-Food Online Retail Categories” report indicates that the rate of not online available stock situations doubles out of stock rates in physical stores. The research is the most recent and comprehensive research on Retail online availability and was carried out on the basis of non-food products(baby care, home textile, personal care & beauty) within the USA, China, France, Germany,...

These are times that companies need to show serious improvement in their decision making processes in turning data into decisions and actions. Eventough in a world we talk about artificial intelligence and robots we have gone too fast creating automated decisions in digitalized processes, we still couldn’t catch this flow at companies with organizational hierarchies. Most of the business decisions are made by humans as they are unstable and should be flexible according to the current situations in operational processes. When making these sorts of data related business decisions it is important to process the operational data as if it is...


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